Thank you so much for reading my debut novel, The Other Forest. I have one huge favor to ask of you. 

If you could please review the book on Amazon, GoodReads, or Barnes and Noble, I would be tremendously grateful! Every single review counts and really helps spread the word about The Other Forest!

How to write a review on Amazon

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"Under the premise of an enchanted forest that crackles under the world we know, author/illustrator Danielle Koehler dazzles us with a novel that gravitates between fantasy, self-discovery and the management of emotions in a world that has endangered childhood and natural ecosystems. The Other Forest is a beautiful book that puts the spotlight where it should be and brings to life unforgettable characters aimed to change your life for the best. What a great honor to have been one of the first readers of this wonderful story!"

Wendolín Perla
Founder of Perla Ediciones
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