Sometimes the only way to find yourself is getting lost at first.
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Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved art and animals.

She spent her days drawing, painting, and writing books about them. One day, as she was drawing a fox, she received quite the shock. “I’m tired of sitting here while you draw me,” said the fox. “I want to be the artist for once.”

The girl agreed, “Just this once.” The fox gathered all her animal friends and together they began work on their portrait. But as the animals were not used to being artists, they could not agree on colors, or materials, or even the size of the girl’s eyes (“much bigger, like golfballs!” said the owl). And so to this day, the girl remains trapped in the frame, anxiously awaiting for the animals to finish her portrait. Please send help.

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Wen shorter

Danielle Koehler dazzles us with a novel that gravitates between fantasy, self-discovery and the management of emotions in a world that has endangered childhood and natural ecosystems. The Other Forest is a beautiful book that puts the spotlight where it should be and brings to life unforgettable characters aimed to change your life for the best.

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